Friday, December 11, 2009

It was written

It was written

Because with us,
we have fire,

eternally licked by air-
there will be time enough

I promise you-

In the face of metallic storms unknown ahead-
lest we forget to drop our sail,

we shall remain on this magnetic path of ours-
not tipped under salt to drown, a thirsting death-

no poetic irony etched regrets-
no paper blurr of inked thoughts lost under water-

We have calligraphy, like diamond-

can't you see what we have?
Universal kiss to the forehead of thought-

Don't ever lose sight of our soul grail.
We have verses that curve off into a nowhere
so grande;

Countries will bow to your pen one day, I'm sure-
maybe long after you're gone?

skies will weep acidic for your words
though you may not notice while you're here,

the rose's blushing while you walk past-

I will always slow enough to watch-
our kingdom grow-

impromptu minds

travelling an itinerary
thorned and cold; leading up to infinity clouds-

through the nebulous

because we dared to write in fear filled emptiness-
in light too bright, and darkness absolute,
it was written.

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