Friday, December 4, 2009



Exoskeleton of silver frost
pigment of longing

metallic ornament
of paramour

lashes now iced branches
forking light-

liplined blue blood shoreline- where his boat docks, comes and goes-

he skims

round her warm dusty rose

parted slight-
her wide fruit mouth,

hopefilled utterance-

Black cherry-

his aftertaste acrid on her tongue;
Long after he's gone.

She turns to words of others to be taught patience,
to cure her unfilled-vacancy when left-
to her own devices, as they say.

Motel light flashing, cheap, winking, men chase after her- with no worth,
she closes her eyes tight, pretends she's some other place.

Swears by existentialism, and all the rest-
most everything holds a truth when glanced at right-

discovers common ground laced in other perspectives-
Loves to live in another's eyes- craves flight-though, may never get there.

In his eyes
clairyoance is unbreakable
impossibly strong like diamond.

Human mind like sky
always cycling, a perfect circle-

Mind's colour palet changes from day to day-
never painted the same twice-

There is no possible duplicity in mind-
we're more original than we think,
more lucky

than imaginable.

She's always falling, learning, pulling splinters from her knees
bleeds to earth, feels the pain-

of touching soft skin hard-
to frozen winter loam,

is grateful, reminds her she is- yes, indeed alive still-
green moss- to cushion afterward.

She never cries for fear, for hatred or for heart-

rejoices instead.

Surround her here-
Blunt colour against the niveous spraining-
in that wood,

Red holly berries.
Wreath of the woods-

crowns of the pure hearted children that play there-

Canopies of woven bramble cover-
like tunnel
to another place

The only thing creeping in
are her poinsetta petals, (or are they) leaves like brick-

tasting the sprain
of dream.

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