Monday, November 16, 2009

Creation Sanbox

Creation Sandbox

I sat at the beach last night
after leaving the cafe when it closed...

It was a long windy dark road,
like a narrow corridor,

I clumsily slid through,
over an arched wooden bridge...

to the wide open expanse,
of tart purple skies,

Industrial, shipyards, and lighthouse gleaming~
like colourful gems

over the ebbing waves scouring the grey sands
I sat on

the winds were comforting,
blowing from far away over to the shore-
to be carried out,

I didn't want to leave,
I didn't want to go to the house where he is.

I wished I could stay for just a while more
though time is always tugging in my mind~

I left,

but dreamed for hours of that beach-
hoping to be the leaves flurrying,

soaring so free
to be swept through the sea,

to another world.

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