Monday, November 16, 2009




Come on in,
Bring your platinum friends-

You’re the ones I’ve been waiting for,

beyond this plain,
there is a fountain,

where you and I met-

under that black seedy sky-
over cracked concrete-

and towers that scrape atmosphere-

I have to put all that I’ve learned to this day-
and have held to the test of truth-

And start over,

You’re the reason my words have froze-

The sky is mirror,
I am glacial artwork novocaine cold,

time has paused indefinitely-
We are infinity now-

And my glassen eyes only mirrors yours,

The eve is forever ours, no one can take our stars- they are ours!
I have given heart away frivolously,

but never soul-

My soul knew you right away-
Even before I.

You found me there on that ledge,
stark white flower for brain,

And you came perched beside me-

And the skins of clarity-

Gilded my favourite- gold
How could I deny?-

Your beautiful mind.

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