Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Town Called Catatonia

A Town Called Catatonia

Just give it something-
To keep this slanted calligraphy gleaning- always-over~
Angelically- above-

False leather eyelashes and crystal silicone valleys-
Beyond yonder,
& beauty queens;

We’re born in the era of hansoms’
And gaslight.

Turntable- tracks skip our favourite lines,
Play the ones we care less about.

This collective jade soul, over-
Enameled hearts; and
Delineated eyes leave yours and I’s

Minds’ sore,

Spinning fast marigoround-
Is this procession.

Dead-end roads-
You and I have found ourselves on previously, too many times in false pursuit of a foreign feel of being felt-

Now stark epiphany.

Sky scraped eyes,

Concrete tongue, cracked from continuity of lashes- by
Laws and letdowns; supposed realities, commitments,

And obliged networks we’ve made that bind us with rusted links-
maybe even unto our graves.

Souls that secretly glisten- gilded, unfeigned

Against scarlet smokescreens-
Despite their efforts, lies hold truths.
Yes, yes they do-

But truths never bear lies,
only perceptions-

Give me nothing,
But hope filled fictions (I’ll take what you can spare)

Molted gold feather-
From your wing, dipped in ink-
Writes our story of nothing-everything; known- unknown-

That keeps me dazzled-
Eyes open when closed

Please don’t slap me down dear world;
Please keep my flighted soul asoar-


I’m catatonically glacial- when only here, not there- lost in translation; when between worlds,

Iced over and numb

I could scream
If my frozen voice would allow me release-

Dove under the glasson ice skin over neon novocain lake-
In a town called Catatonia population, nihil.

Unable to break through, when I needed effervescent blue-

Sunk like stone unknown, slate cloud shrouded human being,
Supersession of one life-

When you’re gone, simply just not around.

Lung filled world,
World filled lungs-

Drown me in a love so grand, hysteria maddening ensues-
My own soul can’t even fathom this universal source.

These fractures of thought, splinter my hands;
Can’t contain fluidity of flow this violet eve,

When you’re all that I breathe, and all that my senses perceive,
Sun, world, moon,

The five and the eight,

The universe of heart reaches to the universe of soul-

Kisses lips imperfectly aligned
Created the big bang-

Flowered into this you
N into this-

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